I am my own person
A non-conformist to the core
If all of us were replicas
Life then would be a bore.

I never confine myself to rules
I do pretty much as I please
I listen to my inner voice
Rules make me ill at ease.

I am the shy type
I am fine, it's me
I love lonely contemplation
I delight in my company, you see.

Rules on how to eat right, speak right, dress right
A disaster to me spells
Follow all these I might
If only I were someone else.

Reading is my passion
Books my greatest treasure
Books are my addiction
Oh what endless pleasure.

I never insist others conform to such and such
I have tolerance for others differences
Let others be themselves pretty much
Happy with their own preferences.

Married to a man divinely blessed
Kind, humble, down-to-earth
Home is filled with happiness
Contentment, joy and mirth.

Live and let live, my motto in life
Happiness and contentment my goal
Greatly fear war and strife
I am myself, the unique human soul.